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Multimedia Services and Rates

We offer a number of services to suit your multimedia needs. We provide video production services from shooting to video editing for the web or television, as well as provide photography (art shows, music performances, and other events etc.) We also offer design services for your individual or company's advertising and/or marketing needs, as well as website development and consultancy services in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).


Services Description Price
BioUtopia Video production services

Video Production: Shooting | Editing
For YouTube | Facebook | Website

$ 35-50 per hr
Justice Event photography services Photography: Events $ 199
Marketing Materials Marketing Materials

Advertising | Marketing
Business Materials

Mix It Up Magazine Mix It Up Magazine

Web Design | Blogs

Writing | Editing

Constulting: SEO | SEM

Web Marketing

Web Services: $35-50/hour;

Constultancy Services: TBD